Petition for Ward

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Calling All Citizen Activists!

Commissioner Michael Ward-R/Orange County is being muzzled by the Commission.

According to our sources, commission lawyers have told Ward NOT to make public his reasons for voting NO on all 4 maps, congressional, senate, assembly and Board of Equalization.

What is the commission hiding?  Why has this principled conservative commissioner been muzzled?

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4 Responses to Petition for Ward

  1. I commend Mr. Ward for standing up to the well entrenched and organized progressive machine that is the California state government. Like Wisconsin we need to show courage and strength over the long hall to try and bring common sense and sanity back into all levels of governance. This process is started by drawing fair lines in the redistricting process.

    Conservatives will support your no vote if you feel the lines are not based on the mandates. Joining different communities of interest across the mountain range that is the east bay hills (in the congressional district) was the main concern of many and the fact the commission continues to ignore the hundreds who spoke out against this obvious wrong clearly gives creedance to having an impartial body implement fair districts. I am tired of being represented by a communist congressman. Please vote no if this injustice continues.

    Conservatives need support our leaders who risk much to bring Constitutional government back invogue. What a mess the progressives have made of our civil society.

    Mr. Ward: Please stand up and speak out for the conservative principals that made this Country great!

    Matt Heavey

  2. I strongly support Mr. Ward’s efforts to make sure the redistricting is done FAIRLY for all people, and that includes for Conservatives and Republicans. It is immoral, illegal, and unethical for certain groups, like the progressives, to bulldoze and mussel an equitable, logical, and fair outcome.
    Thank you for your NO vote, Mr. Ward. I and thousands of good citizens stand behind you!
    Joan Gallicchio Caviness

  3. Georgina Ortega

    I strongly support Mr. Ward’s effort to make sure the redistricting gets back on track and does their job fairly for ALL VOTERS. Attorneys John Eastman and Chuck Bell have expressed my sentiments very accurately by stating “The Citizens Redistricting Commission process has gone seriously awry, hijacked by covert Democrat and leftist partisans who have violated open meeting, public records and conflict of interest laws, playing a “shell game” with draft district maps that likely will cement Democrat 2/3ds control of the State Legislature when finalized. Proposition 11 provided a remedy – Republican commissioners can defeat the final district maps if three Republican commissioners simply vote no. Then, redistricting can be conducted by the State Supreme Court which did an exemplary job in 1974 and 1991 in creating truly fair and impartially drawn districts.”

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