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Dateline 08/16/2011

Redistricting Panel Broke Law (click here)

Commissioners Ward & Galambos-Malloy

Cal Watchdog
A member of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission believes that the commission broke the law, failed to uphold an open and transparent decision-making process and used political motives in drawing California’s new state and federal legislative districts, according to an exclusive, in-depth interview with “This commission simply traded the partisan, backroom gerrymandering by the Legislature for partisan, backroom gerrymandering by average citizens,” Commissioner Mike Ward said in an interview with on Sunday night.

FlashReport on Referendum (click here)

Jon Fleischman says a Senate referendum is a must.


Hoffenblum, senate referendum (click here)

Allan Hoffenblum of California Target Book weighs in on Senate races and the CA GOP referendum push.


Bruce Cain, National Implications (click here) 

Bruce Cain, Democratic redistricting expert and founder of Q2 weighs in on national implications of new lines.











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